Igniting the designer spark

Custom design workshop

I was fortunate to learn my craft over four years in a small boutique workshop under a Master Jeweller from Hong Kong. I have come to recognise the Hong Kong style is a freehand micro-part discipline easily recognisable in the trade by upsidedown sawing. This style creates pieces with flowing design, beautiful curves with a finely tuned balance. 

Making a start

The Hard Yards

A Jewellery apprenticeship allows time to experience a huge variation of different job types, a busy workshop may encounter. After completing my apprenticeship I worked four years in various jewellery workshops before going out on my own doing trade work for 16 commercial jewellery stores. This scope of work gives me an enormous overview of the jewellery that is popular and experience with all levels of quality. 

Shop launch

Tcity Jewellers Arrives

We spent two years travelling Australia recuperating after finishing the trade work. This time was a period of reflection and design exploration fuelling our dream of opening a jewellery studio. TCity is constantly evolving creating incredible bespoke treasures for clients and growing our range of inhouse pieces. We have a Unigue Range from Elephants and Skulls to classic Art deco and Freeform organic. Keep posted as more intriguing and fantastic designs come to life.

Looking ahead

Master craft

The TCity Jewellers design folio is overflowing with amazing concepts using colour, negative space and contrast. We want to further separate our handmade masters using techniques that mass production cannot easily replicate. These design cues will filter down through our ever expanding range so you can shop with confidence knowing you are buying from professionals who value quality. 


Parti Sapphire Party

Parti Sapphire Party

There has been a great Renaissance toward Australian Sapphires as Engagement Ring stones. This is appears to be attributed in part to ethics and a ...

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Sapphire and diamond

Beautiful Australian Opals

Unique design

featured product

Amethyst drop earrings

Dewdrop Amethyst 12mm Earrings Rose Gold


Dedication to quality

Handmade isn't about making the most products in the cheapest way. We look to create the greatest piece using the best methods. Make it worthwhile.