Parti Sapphire Party

There has been a great Renaissance toward Australian Sapphires as Engagement Ring stones. This is appears to be attributed in part to ethics and a connection to country. The beauty is a sound proof of origin right here in Australia. 

Australian Sapphire can be found all up and down the eastern seaboard as far south as Tasmania. Sapphire is rarer in the earths crust than Diamond and Australian Sapphire is Unique amongst these gems in its colour palette. The Blues are deeper, The Greens are a distinct Olive shade somewhat reflective of our Eucalypt landscape and the Yellow can be bright Golden to Burnt orange. 

Sapphire is a member of the Corundum Family encompassing Ruby and Sapphires of every colour. They are known for their colour banding and a skilled cutter takes this into account when cutting a parti colour stone. A parti Colour is a stone that exhibits multiple colour zones. This can result in secondary colour tones that are simply breath taking. These tones change with the lighting conditions and indeed from day to day in a way no camera camera can fully capture. We are obsessed with them and hope you can find one that speaks to you too.

We have a direct connection to the miners of our Sapphires in the two main mining Regions of the Glenn Innes to Inverell Region in Northern New South Wales and The Central Queensland Gemfields around Rubyvale, Sapphire and Anakie. 

These Mining Regions support mainly small scale artisanal miners and fall under the jurisdiction of state government to administer environmental controls. 


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