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Australian Opal Diamond Pendant


9ct Gold Australian Black and White Opal Diamond Pendant

The most frequently asked Australian Opal related question is to define the difference between Black Opal and White Opal.

The answer can be found in the body colour which is demonstrated in this amazing unique Australian Opal from Andamooka in South Australia.

This Opal displays the Black Opal and the White Opal naturally grown together in one amazing gemstone. The Opal Opal section shows the beautiful red, orange and green in pastel type colours synonymous with Australian White Opal. The Black part of the Opal shows a high polish piano black flashing intense Crystal spectrum colours in red green and orange. The Black Opal is referred to Crystal Opal as it become translucent when held up to the light.

This incredible gemstone can be viewed from both sides, the back is visible through the open back of the hand-made setting, allowing you to appreciate the entire piece.

One edge of the Opal is tucked under a grain-set row of high grade natural Diamonds with small claws carefully placed to accent it's freeform organic orientation.

The bale is delicately swinging on a ring, thoughtfully positioned off-centre, adding a touch of careful asymmetry.

This fully handcrafted piece stands as a unique and one-of-a-kind creation in the world.

This gemstone tells the whole Australian Opal story, encapsulating the essence of this mesmerizing gem in one magnificent form.


Lightening Ridge Opal: 13.67ct

Total Diamond Weight: 0.150ct F.VS

Total Weight: 7.53grams

The Omega Chain pictured with Pendant is available for purchase.

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