Opal Story

Australia has the best opal in the world. Nearly all opal is found around the coastline of an ancient inland sea with different fields known for different types of opal. The Three main types found in our Jewellery pieces are Boulder Opal, White Opal, and Lightning Ridge Black or Dark Opal. Each of these types have their own unique characteristics and appeal to different tastes.

We travel Australia buying opal direct from miners to design unique one off pieces. The most amazing thing about opal is every single piece is absolutely unique in the world. No two are alike with endless design possibilities. Most lend themselves to freeform design and asymmetrical layout but we are working on a range of Art Deco inspired pieces with some beautiful Oval shaped Black Opals.

The Romans viewed Opal as a Lucky Gemstone Symbolising Hope. Opals with a Rainbow Play of Colour have been said to hold all the positive properties of the coloured gems. We have also focused on Opal because they are a sound ethical choice. Australian Opal is mined by Small scale Artisinal miners and carefully controlled by government in respect to culture and environment. 

Some may have heard tales of bad luck associated with Opal, ironically these tales have been associated with disgruntled diamond dealers. We think the negative press is largely created by the mass production industry. Opals are sliced and glued together into Doublets and Triplets, Some poor Opal is subject to drying out. We will never sell these things, we deal only in quality solid material from Australia.

Black Opal: The most sought after is Lightning Ridge Black Opal famous for its intense colour play and the solid nature of the crystal. Black and dark opal has a deep colourplay through thick crystal and is most impressive with a high cabochon and a darker base colour to enhance the colours. Lightning Ridge is famous for the worlds best Black opal.

Boulder opal: exhibits similar intense colours but is generally composed of  a thinner layer of opal cut with some of the surrounding ironstone left on the back for strength. This thin layer can serve to enhance the brightness and intensity of colour making for some of the most impresssive colour play. Winton in outback Queensland is famous for Brilliant Boulder Opal.

White opal: Features a White base and often is translucent. Exhibits a softer colur palette and produces some striking shades and colour mixes. 

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